Happy new year CBT Voucher 100.00 Valid from 20 January 2018 Expiry 28 February 2018
Full licence courses

Full licence 5 day course £810.00 6 Day £930.00

modular 1 and modular 2 tests. Covered on this course:|Complete the CBT then your instructor will guide you to the course suitable to your skill level. Wheels can then deduct the CBT cost from the above courses. Please Note Start Time 9 am approximate between 14.00 and 15 00 finish time . This may vary due to test times and traffic conditions. No refund of time lost due to late arrival .

  • C.B.T.
  • Braking and cornering techniques
  • How to position in normal riding and deal correctly with bends
  • All aspects of negotiating left/right turns at junctions, including zones of  vision and emerging 
  • How to deal with different types of crossroads including those controlled by traffic lights
  • How to deal with town centre riding including one way streets, pedestrian crossings and filtering in slow moving traffic
  • How to negotiate roundabouts
  • How to deal with dual carriageways, including overtaking and the effects of the weather
  • How to deal with other traffic safely when following behind and overtaking
  • Moving off safely from all positions including angle starts.
  • Modular 1&2  training and mock tests
  • D.V.S.A. modular 1 test
  • D.V.S.A modular 2 test the 6 day course is for extra mod 2 training

4 day course £690 ( CBT not included)

   A 4 day course for a rider with  experience including test fees

This course is 3 days training the 4th day is split to cover mod 1 and mod 2 tests .


Modular 1 test £80 

Modular 2 test £140

The assessment lasts an hour and are £49. they are designed to assess the training course that would best suit your skill level.

  Please note all courses require a  50% deposit to book and Deposits are non refundable or transferable 15% Admin charge is non refundable

  • C.B.T
  • Test fees
  • Bike hire
  • Insurance
  • Use of helmet
  • Use of protective clothing you will need to provide motorcycle boots .


Training Options

Please do not pay for your training course until you have spoken to a member of Team Wheels.

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