Happy new year CBT Voucher 100.00 Valid from 20 January 2018 Expiry 28 February 2018
Instructor training

Instructor training  £850

A five day training course consisting of a mix of theory, practical and role play sessions under the guidance of our instructor trainers.

You will be trained to;

     •    construct lessons
     •    identify and correct faults
     •    give feedback

You will also be trained in;
    teaching techniques
    learning styles
    motivation techniques
    health and safety
    road positioning
    use of radios

Before the start of the course you will be directed to gov.uk to download your resources to become a motortcycle instructor.  On the final day your progress will be assessed to determine if further training is required to attain a down trained standard.

Pre CBT course  £350

To ensure you are fully prepared to attend the rigorous two day assessment at Cardington you will have the opportunity to spend a further three days at Birmingham.

Pre DAS course  £250

Following a successful assessment at Cardington for CBT, you will have the opportunity to train for a further two days in preparation for the final qualification at Cardington.

Training Options

Please do not pay for your training course until you have spoken to a member of Team Wheels.

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