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Post licence courses

We provide post licence courses to aid riders who wish to develop their skills, anything from just passing your test, moving up to a larger machine, coming back to biking from a break of a number of years or just looking to polish up on your skills.    

Half day Enhanced Rider Scheme training session £80
(£10 discount if you bring a friend)

A half day training session covering all aspects of riding. If your riding is up to the required standard you will recieve an Enhanced Rider Scheme certificate and could recive up to 17% discount on your insurance. 

Post test training £160 per day
Structured tailored tuition to help you with any riding problems you may have. At the end of the training would be an Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment.   

Skills workshops £49.00 per hour session
All of our skills workshops have been designed to aid riders with specific skills to contribute to their overall riding.

Skills Workshop 1 - Cornering
This course is designed to enhance cornering techniques and includes Theory and practical sessions on positioning through a corner, observations including use of the vanishing point, body position, positive steering, throttle control and correct use of gears. The practical sessions will be  on our large training area

Skills Workshop 2 - Braking
This course is designed to enhance braking techniques and includes theory and practical sessions on braking techniques from high and low speeds, slowing whilst banked/lent over, simulated emergency stops. Braking in adverse weather conditions and skid control.

Skills Workshop 3 - Slow riding
This course is designed to enhance throttle, clutch and rear brake control through the conducting of specific slow control exercises and includes slow speed steering techniques, body positioning/posture and balance. The practical sessions will be conducted on our large training area.

Training Options

Please do not pay for your training course until you have spoken to a member of Team Wheels.

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