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Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory Basic Training Course £120.00 Week days /weekends £130.00 please note 50% Deposits are required to book your CBT .Deposits are non refundable or transferable . 15%  Admin charge is non refundable.

Compulsory basic training or C.B.T is the first step into motorcycling introduced in December 1990 by the DVSA. The C.B.T is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to ride on the public road. The course is designed to make a participant safe and competent to ride a 50cc / 125cc machine unaccompanied on L-plates. The CBT is  not just a certificate for turning up you must reach the required standard to be issued a CBT so your training many take more than just a day. It is advisable that the Highway code is studied before the commencement of the course.

It is important to take into account if you have never ridden a motorcycle or moped before you may not reach this standard in one day.

It is very important to note, if you are not in full control of your motorcycle by 2 O'clock  you will not be allowed to ride on the public road in the afternoon and will be required to book further training so you may return to complete the course on another day. If you need to return to complete your course please book within 3 months of CBT date  Return Fees  £75.00 




The CBT is the most important part of your training, teaching you the basic skills to ride a motorcycle/moped.

The CBT is divided into five elements and each element must be completed before starting the next.

Element A:  a classroom session discussing helmets and all aspects of clothing concluding with an eyesight test

Element B:  a practical session covering
•    Use of the controls
•    Maintenance of the machine
•    On and off the stands
•    Push turning the machine
•    Starting and stopping the engine

Element C: a practical session covering
•    Moving off and stopping
•    Correct use of the brakes
•    Rear observations
•    Gear changing
•    Controlled braking
•    Slow speed control
•    Figure of eight
•    Emergency stop
•    Simulated left and right turns
•    The U-turn

The above are practical training sessions and must be completed before moving onto the next element

Element D: a classroom discussion covering
•    Legal requirements
•    Highway code
•    Vulnerability
•    Conspicuity
•    Weather conditions
•    Road surfaces
•    Hazard perception
•    Anticipation and planning
•    Separation distance
•    Road positioning
•    Use of speed 
•    The effects of alcohol and drugs
•    Not displaying an aggressive attitude

Element E: a two hour road ride (2 hour min by law) including a simulated emergency stop and u-turn

Able to ride 50cc /125cc (Age restrictions apply)



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